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Naughty Girl


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Naughty Girl | Beyonce

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deleted scene of every episode

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"I do get to bring Piper with me every day; that’s something I’m incredibly blessed to be able to do. What I usually do if I have to leave really early in the morning is she’ll be at home with the nanny, and then I’ll have somebody come and pick them up around two hours before lunch, and then she’ll spend the rest of the day with me. And then later on in the week, if I have to go to work much later, she’ll come with me at the beginning and then I send her home early so she can go to bed. And she’s there entertaining everybody. She’s the most amazing little girl… she loves to be on set. She loves everybody.

"On the Friday nights that I have to work really late and she’s at home with the nanny and the show’s on, she’ll walk up to the TV and point to me and start to cry."

GA, LA X-Files Convention, Jan 1996

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safe word: aliens

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#Is this Django Unchained?

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the x files, pilot

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