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how anyone can play guitar is fucking beyond me

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i didnt know who riff raff was i always assumed ppl were talking about rocky horror

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Gillian Anderson at the Boogie Woogie Premiere.

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scvlly said: thank thank THANK!!

you’re welcome!! her live shit is amazing. mad guitar skillz

scvlly said: IMPORTANT QUESTION sry caps, should i listen to st vincent?? i’ve been seeing a lot about.. them??? if so, whats ur fav song by them??

YES. #1 annie clark is amazing and as for songs

(these aren’t in any order)

cruel*, regret, cheerleader*, rattlesnake, marry me, now now, birth in reverse, digital witness*, laughing with a mouth of blood*

ones with * have sick music videos

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my blog is 50% xfiles 30% st. vincent and 20% sick memes

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i laugh at this every time

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